Dueling Piano Weddings

Dueling Pianos at weddings have become a huge staple of my private party business.  Sometime I am subcontracted through national chains like Felix and Fingers or The Killer Dueling Pianos, and sometimes its direct through involvement with a wedding planner or local booking agency.  Either way, these events are becoming more and more popular with brides as the choice of entertainment for their special day.  I can provide music and sound for the ceremony as well as full production for the reception.  Oftentimes we add special pieces to the reception, including a drummer or another instrumentalist, but most popular is the emcee/cocktail singer option which adds a third singer to the mix who also works the dance floor, dining room, and keeps the event running smoothly and efficiently while providing added entertainment value.  We also include DJ services with our show to make sure you get every song and dance you want in the format desired.  If you are tired of seeing weddings with empty dance floors, people crunched into the corners as far from the band as they can, or if you are worried your event isn't going to be special, let me help make the difference you need to be worry free and have your guests talking about your special big day for years to come.  


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